Here you will find soon of the different assignments that we have done along the 28 years of working in Advertising Photography in Santiago Chile, Most of the jobs show here will be the ones that were made for foreign clients in different part of the world.

Hope you find them interesting.

Here are some of our foreign clients

FCI Creative (Advertising Agency in Usa)
IIC Bank (Usa), VideoPlus (Usa)
Flight Global Magazine (England)
Airline Business Magazine (Usa)
WNBA Entertainment (Usa)
Global Health Care (Usa)
Cross-Border Communications (Denmark)
Fuji (Japan), Elton Mining (Australia)
Continental Pacific (Usa)
Geo Global Inteligence  (Usa)
Ignito (Advertising Agency in England)
Success, and Success From Home Magazine (Usa)
Watt International Inc (Canada)
Bloomberg News

Rodolfo Páez Stahl

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